Specialists in Victorian Brass Taps

At Victorian Side Bathrooms, we take pride in supplying, designing and manufacturing beautiful, unique and timeless pieces. Brass taps, antique brass taps, and many other finishes and products.

Everything you need for your Victorian bathroom project.

Victorian Brass Taps, or any finish!

Victorian Brass Taps made for your project.

At Victorian Side Bathrooms we are able to manufacture and source a wide range victorian style taps.
Our luxury range of custom taps can be finished in any of seven different finishes.

We specialize in brass taps – we have a massive range and any item can be tailored to suit your particular preference.

We’ll create a unique solution for you. Any product on this site can be had in any finish, we’ll have it in stock or made to order, just give us a call and we’ll make it up exactly the way you want it!

Brass, Antique brass, Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Brushed nickel, Cobalt black, Bronze and various combinations of the these.

Brass taps are often used in Victorian style bathrooms. They never age, they are timeless. Another advantage is that they do not rust, are very durable and look great in any vintage setting.

Coordinating your decor becomes simple with the addition of brass taps, as they work well with the rest of the bathroom, while adding that touch of glamour.

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